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Deer Leather Full Seat Custom Breeches

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Deer Leather Full Seat Custom Breeches
Deer Leather Full Seat Custom BreechesCustom Breech Measuring Chart
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Custom Full Seat Deer leather breeches

Our Full Seats are the perfect combination of absolute comfort and durability. This style is available in many fabric choices, all with 4-way stretch. The Deerskin leather is machine washable and actually becomes softer with wear. The visual lines are designed to be flattering on every body type. The leather is hand cut and sewn in a fashion that contours the hip area, rather than being rounded through the seat. The contact with the saddle provides the feeling of complete oneness with your horse.  Our Full Seats are very popular with Dressage, Endurance, Trail Riding, and schooling riders.
The French Terry fabric is a dense knit of 88% cotton and 12% LycraTMand has 120% stretch in all directions. This allows complete Freedom of Motion - the ability to move in any direction - letting you mount your horse or squat to the floor with ease and no binding, bunching or slipping.
The outside of our French Terry fabric is densely knit. The inside has a soft 'chamois feel' - with tiny loops that wick away sweat in the summer and insulate in the winter. The feeling next to the skin is so luxurious! You won't believe how comfortable they are.
We only use real deerskin leather which has natural imperfections that we cover with random sized stars. 
  Using the stars helps us keep the cost of leather down, and consequently, the cost of your breeches
You may request no stars but this may delay your order until we find a perfect deerskin

The inseam is cut 3" shorter then your measurement so it will not bulk at the ankle
Custom made breeches may add 2-3  days to your order
 Care Instructions
To help you keep your breeches in top condition, we would like to pass on to you our preferred method of cleaning, so that you can keep your breeches clean and supple.

Failure to follow these instructions will void your guarantee, so, Please follow them carefully!

Quite simply: 

Wash gently in cool water, separately, with a mild soap and hang  OUT OF THE SUN  to dry. 

In more detail: 

 Deerskin Breeches love to be washed.  NEVER DRY CLEAN!! Think of caring for your pants the way you would care for your face ~ GENTLY.  We choose each Deerskin for its suppleness and resiliency.  They are tanned using natural, gentle methods.  You are starting with the best, so it pays to take care of them.  They are an investment that can last many years with the proper care.   

When you first get you breeches we suggest spraying Scotch GuardTMwhile wearing them, over the entire fabric part only.  This is especially important for the lighter colors.  This will give a protective coating that helps repel all the “stuff” one might come in contact with during the experiences we encounter with our horses.  It also helps any stains release easier when washed.  We suggest re-applying Scotch GuardTMevery third washing to ensure that your pant can be cleaned easier and more effectively. 

When your breeches need cleaning they should be HAND WASHED SEPARATELY with cool water and a mild soap. We strongly suggest Leather Therapy's Laundry Solution and Laundry Rinse & Dressing.  Woolite or Delicare are acceptable substitutes.  They are natural, mild soaps and work well for all your fine washables.  For fabric stains, we suggest soaking the pant completely, then adding a small amount of dish soap directly to the stain.  Fill a clean tub with 3 – 5 gallons of cool water then add a tablespoon of soap to the water, mix well and THEN add the pant.  Let them soak about an hour, rinse completely, gently squeeze – DO NOT WRING – out the water, wrap in a towel for 5-10 minutes to get most of the water our, apply Leather Therapy Rinse & Dressing to the wet leather and hang to dry, out of the sun. Always wash your breeches one pair at a time.  Caring for your breeches like this is the best thing for them.  They will last longer and remain soft and supple.   

To ensure your breeches last as long as possible:

NEVER … Dry Clean

NEVER … Use Bleach

NEVER … Hang in the sun

NEVER … Use your washing machine's spin cycle

NEVER … Use your dryer

NEVER … Use regular laundry detergent

NEVER … Put soaps, conditioners, etc. directly on the dry leather.  BE SURE it is thoroughly wet first.

NEVER … Use leather cleaner, like Velveton, PPD, etc.  These are designed for cowhide and will dry out your Deerskin. 

Remember, your leather is recyclable (see recycling) so it pays to take care of it! 

And finally…. 

If you MUST use your washing machine, please follow these instructions ~ Fill your washer with cool water, add a mild soap or Leather Therapy Laundry Solution and let it mix thoroughly, THEN add ONE PAIR of breeches.  Be sure ALL settings are on gentle and wash.  BE SURE TO REMOVE THE BREECH BEFORE THE SPIN CYCLE.  This is too harsh on the pant and can cause a tie-dye effect.  Remove the pant from the washer, wrap in a towel for 5-10 minutes, apply Leather Therapy Rinse & Dressing to the wet leather and hang out of the sun to dry.

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